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18 Commissions, 3 of RPattz and 15 of Hugh Laurie/House, normal rules apply (credit mandatory, comment optional)

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72 Twilight-related Icons

These include a few from the movie (but not many, I haven't had a chance to go through and cap it all yet :P), but mostly appearances and photoshoots with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

[10] Twilight Movie Stills
[42] Robert Pattinson
[10] Kristen Stewart
[7] Rpattz + KStew

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As Always:
- Comments are muchly appreciated
- Credit is a must

22 Non-Twilight Icons

[9] Sara Tancredi (Prison Break)
[8] Michael Schofield (Prison Break)
[5] Thomas Dekker (Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Alright so I've finally uploaded some new icons, I'm sorry most of them aren't fantastic and it's only a small upload, but there's a huge twilight one that I'm preparing for tomorrow. I'm also planning on working on this whole twilight-iconing problem I seem to have, and am endevouring to find some new things to icon :P (as you can see, this is my first attempt. Lol. At least I got SOMETHING done :P)

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2009 is here :)

So 2009 is here, and 10 days in and I'm fairly sure I've broken all my New Years resolutions (but that's the point, right?), and I'm back from my mini-vacation, so now it's time for a bit of an update :)

The main reason why I haven't posted anything really is quite simple... essentially, I'm a very lazy person, and 2008 was a busy year :) a friend of mine also passed away recently, and that was more than a little confusing for me, and def not in a headspace to be creative until very recently... but enough excuses!

That being said, I've also been working on a twilight fic that started off whimsical, and is now edging into colossal-sized territory, so that's been keeping me very busy since exams ended in November. I have been making graphics, just nothing worth posting until recently, so I'll post in a week or so, when I have enough to make it worth it :)

hope everyone had a fantastic new year, and thanks for bearing with me! :)

More CCon Icons ... Finally

Sorry about the delay. My life suddenly took a turn for the chaotic, and the past three weeks translated onto paper could only look like a Jackson Pollock. Only, not so creatively brilliant.

Anyhoo here are the C-con icons as promised (I couldn't help but slip a few Rob ones in :P ) I'm working on a few more non-Twilight ones at the moment, but I probably won't post those for a while (I already have assignments due *sigh*)

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Ok I know I promised some more non-Rob Comic-con icons a few days ago (ie 10) but I got back from Canberra about 24 hours ago, and upon my return I decided to launch myself into Breaking Dawn.

All I can say is woah.

I absolutely loved it. I was a little shocked at first, but I adored it. All of it. I won't say any more because I don't want to spoil anyone, but in my opinion, it's definitely worth a read... and a few re-reads ;) A perfect ending to the saga... although if you ask me, it's not over yet ;)

Which brings me to why my icons are late. I pulled an all-nighter last night trying to finish BD (which I did :D ) and had Uni all day today, and I didn't exactly sleep the night before (who knew my 7 year old cousin's snores could drown out a cement mixer?), so all in all I haven't really had time... I'll try and get them up tomorrow night after I get back from Uni :)

Anyhoo I hope everyone enjoys BD :)
Kung Fu Panda, and The Dark Knight. Neither could be farther from each other in terms of subject matter, but both I found to be incredibly enjoyable. Also, I have to go to Canberra for 4 days. Ugh. I hate Canberra. I'm taking Twilight and my DS to try and fend off the boredom, but this is Canberra we're talking about. The only people who can fend off boredom in Canberra are the people who actually live there and have protocols in place, and of course the Uni students, but ANU isn't on my list of destinations, so that's not an option. Maybe I should take New Moon as well... and Eclipse... Harry Potter?

Kung Fu Panda (yes I know it's a kids movie, but I'm not that mature, so I thought it justified :D ) I thought would just be another Disney flick that didn't quite meet the standards of the Disney movies of the days of old (namely the Lion King, Aladdin, 101 Dalmations... you get the drift :) ). I was pleasantly wrong, the characters were loveable, the story was amusing, and it was actually funny, something I didn't expect :P

The Dark Knight however, was something else entirely. I thought Batman Begins was dark, until that is, I saw the Dark Knight. Suddenly, it was as bright and shiny as Kung Fu Panda. But that doesn't mean it wasn't incredible. The performances were amazing, and I know everyone is saying this, but especially Heath Ledger. In my opinion, he actually stole the entire movie. He played the Joker, to steal the words of a very good friend of mine, very much like the Joker in the Batman animation series. I don't want to give too much away if anyone hasn't seen it, but it is definitely worth going to see :) Christian Bale, although slightly outshone, is amazing once again and Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent surprised me. I'm usually not a massive fan of his (I don't know why. I'm just not. I can't really explain it. Meh.), but I thought he was fantastic. That's coming from someone who usually just uses 'meh' ;)

Anyway before I continue on a ramble and this post becomes spoiler-city, I'd just like to add that my resource post has been updated ;) and there's only 5 more days till Breaking Dawn! Yay! :D


Rob Icons! :D

All I can say is Wow. Those videos from the Comic-Con in San Diego made my jaw drop. All you could hear was people screaming their heads off every time someone on the Twilight Panel opened their mouth (including - no, especially - Rob). It looked absolutely crazy, I actually felt a little sorry for them all they all looked so nervous... Anyway, out of the many, many pictures taken that day I saw a few that I just had to icon... :P so here they are, a fresh set of icons of Rob Pattinson :) I should have some more Comic-Con icons (with Kristen :P ) and a few others up soonish :)

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As Always...
- credit is a must
- comments = <3
- friend me if you like my stuff :)

I'll post these in a community when I've finished the other Comic-Con ones ;)

Icons :)

Heya all, sorry this took a little longer than 'this evening', life got in the way yesterday *rolls eyes*

Anyhoo here are the promised icons (they're not all too fantastic I'm afraid), and as an added bonus, I've actually made some that aren't Twilight related :P (I mean, the majority are Twilight related - but thats not my point ;) )

I'll repost some of these in other communities later (once again, life is getting in the way, *sigh* ) but for now enjoy :)

As always please:
- credit if taking
- comments = <3
- friend me if you like my stuff :)

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New Multi-Fandom Icons

*can't decide which icon to use*, ah well, Wenty will do :)
With my computer back on track (one day of re-downloading apps turned into three) I've decided to post a whole bunch of the icons I've re-made in the past few days and the few that I'd made prior to the crash that I've been able to recover :)

Unfortunately, there's over 200 of them, and the laptop I've borrowed to use in the interim is a dinosaur, so it's going to take a while... (but at the moment, I'm happy with pretty much any progress :D ) So here's a sampler, the rest will be uploaded later this evening!

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

Amongst the finished results will be icons not just from Twilight (for once :P) but also from Dexter, a few Wentworth Miller and a few commissions I did for profilercharlee of Rob Morrow, and a few Digimon ones, cause I was feeling nostalgic ;) But more on that later... enjoy!



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